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Dear colleagues, dear friends:

        Welcome to click in your site into the tin Tao, thank you for your attention to tin tao. Pay attention to tin Tao, is take care of our health and life safety.

        At present, China's annual production of hazardous waste is about 1 tons, while the actual disposal and utilization of about 15 million tons, the disposal of only the amount of production of about 15%. It is understood that the remaining 85% of the majority of hazardous waste may be lost through illegal means, polluting our surrounding ecological environment.

        As a hazardous waste disposal and utilization of leading enterprises, tin Tao company always adhere to the "reduction, recycling and harmless" principle, to ensure that risk control, pollution control, not only improve the environment, can not break through the deterioration of the environment "bottom line, to ensure environmental safety.

        Every step of growth and progress of tin Tao company, with the support of friends is inseparable from your trust and love, we created the "tin Tao" brilliant today; only your sincere cooperation, we can realize the leap "tin Tao" new. Hazardous waste disposal and utilization is a sunrise industry, but also a challenging industry. In the country to increase industrial policy adjustment and environmental remediation in the background, more and more people feel the market outlook is uncertain. People have to seize the initiative from the Tao tin market tide in the complex, and actively explore the use of hazardous waste disposal of the new ideas, new methods and new technology demonstration and promotion strategy, the implementation of comprehensive utilization of arsenic containing waste disposal and precious metal resources, we established the resources recycling industry leading role, to better benefit the people, feedback society.

        Let us redouble our efforts to work together to build a harmonious and precious metals market. We sincerely invite all sectors of the community to tin Tao company study guide, hope you never abandon, win-win cooperation, and the "tin Tao" hand in hand.

Chairman of Chenzhou tin Tao Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.: Zhou Dehua




zhou de hua
Male, Han nationality, born in 1975
Central South University EMBA, the member of Chenzhou CPPCC, vice president of the Chenzhou General Chamber of Commerce, the Chenzhou tin Tao Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the tin Tao company chairman and general manager).



        In 1994, Zhou Dehua Chenzhou air conditioning equipment general factory. In 2003, the founder of Chenzhou Jinghua Langjie cleaning limited liability company and Xin trade limited liability company, involved in office building, hotel central air conditioning equipment and wall cleaning, maintenance and reconstruction. In 2006, Zhou Dehua funded the establishment of Chenzhou Huahui trade limited liability company and chairman of the board, mainly engaged in chemical products of raw materials supply and sales, and gradually establish a huge marketing network in Chenzhou and surrounding areas.

        In 2007, Zhou Dehua shares the largest shareholder identity tin Tao company, has served as the general manager, vice chairman and chairman of the board. In the meantime, tin Tao company cooperated with Nanjing Research Institute of chemical industry, research and development of arsenic containing solid waste disposal technology, and won the national invention patent, won the Chenzhou Municipal Science and technology progress award, to find the fundamental way for heavy metal pollution especially involving arsenic treatment.

        In 2010, Zhou Dehua completed the acquisition of Lechang city of Guangdong province Guangdong Chemical Co. Ltd., capital restructuring and technological transformation, to further promote the new technology of arsenic arsenic patent, solid waste disposal capacity directly doubled.

        Since 2012, Zhou Dehua continued to introduce strategic capital, financing, financial intelligence, financial system, credit management, lay a solid foundation for development of tin Tao company, and strive to build Hunan province arsenic solid waste disposal center, realize the leap forward development of enterprises.

        Under the leadership of Zhou Dehua, tin Tao company from a traditional sulfuric acid business growth for the comprehensive utilization of resources, leading enterprise governance model of environmental protection, is a high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province, new materials enterprises in Hunan province and Hunan province key enterprises listed reserve, heavy metal pollution in Xiangjiang River Basin belongs to the State Council and the national demonstration enterprise of water pollution control and manage the technical support unit, Suxian District taxpayer.

        "To make their own and their career into the wealth of society, rather than the burden of the community, and strive to do a social enterprise, to serve the community, to give back to society." Zhou Dehua has been actively involved in social charity, enthusiastically to the disaster area, school donations, support the construction of new rural areas, a total donation charity fund about 5000000 yuan. Chenzhou city in 2013 was named outstanding youth, Suxian outstanding private entrepreneurs support the work of Party building, in 2014 was named the City Federation of industry and commerce, public spirited, Suxian District industrial restructuring and development of advanced individual, in 2015 was named Suxian District Federation of the first best entrepreneurs.