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Congratulations to Chenzhou tin Tao Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. the new official website will be on the line


        Chenzhou tin Tao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 7, 2007, the Department of national water special "water in the lead, cadmium and arsenic, zinc, tin and other metal pollution process control demonstration project" research and engineering technical support unit and heavy metal pollution in the Xiangjiang river regulation project demonstration enterprise, the provincial high-tech enterprises, enterprises and new materials key enterprises listed reserve.

        Environmental protection enterprises. The company of "weak oxygen roasting" high temperature chlorination of gold "and" pure oxygen pressure leaching and other international advanced technology, with arsenic containing solid waste as raw materials, comprehensive recovery of arsenic, sulfur, iron, gold, silver, copper, tin, rhenium, lead, zinc, antimony and other precious metals, mining, chemical industry, will two "color pollution smelting industry has to eat dry pressing to do, zero discharge of waste water, waste residue, exhaust emissions standards, the arsenic solid waste reduction, harmless disposal.

        Resource saving enterprise. Arsenic and sulfur iron residue treatment system has two sets of 100 thousand tons / year with the company, 6000 tons, 3000 tons of arsenic trioxide purification device of metal arsenic production plant, 100 tons / day of arsenic, antimony and other industrial waste disposal function device, 350 tons / day sulfuric acid arsenic removal device to a set of comprehensive utilization device, wet roasting slag, a year the disposal of arsenic containing tailings (slag) and 250 thousand tons of solid waste.

        The company has always been adhering to the "turn harm into" business philosophy, to "purify the environment, the purpose of development for the benefit of the people", the creation of heavy metal governance industrialization development mode and application to arsenic containing waste disposal techniques, to create a "heavy metal pollution in Xiangjiang basin with comprehensive management demonstration base and provincial solid waste containing arsenic the disposal center, and strive to build scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises, environmental protection, an hundred of billions of market capitalization hundred years".

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