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In the chlorination of gold ignition and technical transformation projects completed the opening ceremony speech Qiaokou branch


        guests, ladies and gentlemen, all colleagues of the tin Tao company:

        October autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance. In this harvest season, in early September nine coincides with the Double Ninth Festival, we tin Tao company held a grand rally gold chloride ignition and technical transformation projects completed in Qiaokou branch opening ceremony. This is an important milepost history we tin Tao company the company is constantly upgrading and transformation of a fruit, the tin Tao people written in the tide of development and an endeavor song! Here, on behalf of the board of directors of the company from all walks of life care and support the development of the company said to have been heartfelt thanks to the dedication, loyalty has been silently all employees in the production line to pay tribute!

        Sweat and harvest companions, success and hardship. Since 2006, Tiancheng company relocation date, tin Tao company entered its ten year anniversary, after ten years of hard work, passed the extraordinary ten years. Tin Tao company from the inception of the arsenic containing pyrite based sulphuric acid, arsenic slag collection development to the comprehensive utilization of arsenic resources, re innovation to upgrade into gold chloride, a chemical enterprise of traditional environmental protection enterprises, growing as a new force in Chenzhou's business district, Xiangjiang River heavy metal pollution demonstration enterprise the arsenic containing solid waste resources, comprehensive recycling enterprises. The registered capital of the company increased from 20 million yuan to $127 million, with total assets exceeding $6 hundred million. These achievements, we tin Tao flowing sweat builders also, together with your efforts and wisdom.

        The construction and implementation of chlorination of gold project, is the transformation of the company, the need to achieve the production targets, but also our tin Tao people unremitting self-improvement, overcome difficulties, encourage exploration, continue to climb the peak of crystallization technology. During the project construction, we can overcome the shortage of funds, lack of experience, weak technical difficulties, Neiyinwailian, sublimation for the chlorination of gold to learn widely from others'strong points, change in chloride smelting. It is the sincere feelings of tin Tao people afraid of hardships, the company forward step by step in a difficult journey, in a time frame in eternity, reached the final ten years cast sword on the other side. At ignition and completion of project today Qiaokou branch opening ceremony, a new chapter in the development of the company will open up!

        Looking back on the past brilliant achievements, looking forward to the future. We tin Tao company will continue adhering to the "serve the society, serve the society and the construction of social enterprises" purpose, adhere to the "turning waste into treasure, harm to benefit, purify the environment for the benefit of the people" business philosophy, based in Chenzhou, the country look bigger and consolidate Hashiguchi, Jinshan, Yongxing Rucheng to build, distribution, development for responsibility, excellence, dare to go beyond, gathering strength, momentum, and all the staff together create a better tomorrow!

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